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Daniels, Gary - Exposé
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Wilson, Don

Gary Daniels

WIKIPEDIA excerpt - Retrieved 26 May 2011

Kickboxing career

Soon after, Daniels travelled to California. In November 1990, Daniels won the WKBA California State Light-Heavyweight Championship. That same month, he won the WKBA
Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing Title. Later, Daniels went on to win the Professional Karate Association Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship.

Fortunately, Gary Daniels is more than a gym champ. He won a number of legitimate kickboxing matches and championship trophies as an amateur. The STAR world ratings, however, did not document amateur kickboxing competition, and STAR had been discontinued by the time of Daniels’ ring fights. Consequently, in May 2011, I spoke directly with Joe Corley, current owner of the Professional Karate Association, about Daniels’ PKA title.


Corley could neither confirm nor deny Daniels’ championship. After the PKA ceased as a major sanctioning body in late 1986, the PKA affiliate in Britain continued with its local promotions. Daniels’ title claim, he said, came out of those events. That means the title Daniels won was not a major professional kickboxing world championship of the type that previously had been supported by a world network of promotions during the PKA’s golden yesteryears.


I worked behind the scenes on two motion pictures with Gary Daniels in the early 1990s. He was always charismatic, personable and quite honorable.